February: This months new releases

I look books being released in February 2017.

It’s the beginning of the year and after having read the majority of the books I received for Christmas already, I’m on the lookout for new reading material. After searching through Amazon, Waterstones, Whsmiths and all the other book retailers you can think of I have complied a list of what I think are this month’s most interesting new releases:

Swimming Lessons – Claire Fuller

Release date: 26/01/2017

Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller
(Source: http://www.waterstones.co.uk)

Claire Fuller is not an author I am familiar with but she seems to be a big name in literature. Her second novel ‘Our Endless Days’ won the 2015 Desmond Elliot Prize and was one of Richard and Judy’s book club picks last year.

Here latest offering ‘Swimming lessons’ seems like it might make a similar impact. This mystery novel focuses on Gil Coleman and his family. One day he looks out of the window and sees his dead wife standing on the pavement. Or is she dead?

Ingrid, Gil’s wife has been missing presumed drowned for 12 years, could it really be her he has seen? The novel follows the impact of the sighting and how it draws the family closer together. But is also raises many unanswered questions, did she die or did she leave?

This is a book I will definitely be adding to my next book order!

My not so Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

Release date: 09/02/2017

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella
(Source: http://www.waterstones.co.uk)

This is the release that I am the most excited about having read all of Sophie Kinsella’s previous works including the Shopaholic series and her other books written under her pseudonym Madeleine Wickman, I’m a big fan.

“This is the release that I am the most excited about”

Kinsella’s latest offering follows Katie Brenner, the girl who has everything, or that’s what you would think if you followed her on Instagram. Portraying the perfect life on social media when in reality it’s anything but, things go from bad to worse when Katie loses her job.

Being forced to move to Somerset and back in with her parents, Katie has the chance to get the ultimate revenge on her ex-boss. Will she? Or will she realise that lives on social media are not always as they seem?

If this book is anything like Kinsella’s previous offerings it will be guaranteed for laughs, tears and some thought provoking subjects. I love the fact she has chosen to explore the ‘perfect life’ that so many people strive to achieve through their Instagram posts.

The Doll Funeral – Kate Hamer

Release date: 16/02/2017

The Doll Funeral by Kate Hamer
(Source: http://www.waterstones.co.uk)

As a person and as a reader I’m quite easily spooked and absolutely terrified of anything to do with death (apart from The Walking Dead but that’s something for another post!). So when this book was suggested to me by one of my work mates to add to my new releases list I took one look at the blurb and thought no way!

But after a while, I kept thinking back to the blurb and although it does sound very creepy it is also equally intriguing. The book is about a girl named Ruby who has been sent to live with Barbara and Mick, who aren’t her real parents and by the sounds of things aren’t very nice to her ‘I’m supposed to say the bruises and my arms and the black eye came from falling down the stairs’ the blurb reads.

“I took one look at the blurb and thought no way!”

With the help of ‘Shadow’, ‘The Wasp lady’ and ‘the lady in the buttercup dress’ who she saw ‘death crawl out of’ (See why I think this book is a little bit creepy?!). Ruby is determined to meet her real parents. She is a hunter for lost souls and she is going to find her parents, and she won’t let Mick won’t stop her.

Ragdoll – Daniel Cole

Release date: 23/02/2017

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole
(Photo http://www.waterstones.co.uk)

The last entry into my top releases for February’s list is this debut novel by Daniel Cole. ‘One body, Six victims’ that line alone was enough to get me interested! And the rest of the blurb only adds to the tension, I cannot wait to read this one. Warning: The description is a bit grizzly so please don’t read further if you aren’t one for gore.

The body discovered is made up of the dismembered parts of six victims all stitched together, nicknamed ‘Ragdoll’ by the media. Police officers Fawkes and Baxter are assigned to the case and it’s not going to be easy. Not only do the two officers have previous history the Ragdoll killer is out to taunt them, releasing a list of six new victims and the dates when he plans to murder them to the press it is a race against time to save them all.

With the added pressure of media scrutiny can the officers do it, or will the killer produce another ‘Ragdoll’?. As a debut novel this one has the plot and the pace, I am already looking forward to the authors next offerings.

All of the books featured in the list are out in hardback on their release dates. This list is by no means extensive, lots of other brilliant authors have new material out this month. Have a look at Waterstones books of the month for some more great reads!

If you have any good books to recommend, please leave a comment a let fellow book lovers know!

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