Book themed bars

My visit to Mr Fogg’s Tavern based on the novel Phileas Fogg – Around the World in 80 days.

Firstly, I’ll start by telling you where I got the idea for this blog post. When I went to watch the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London I did some research online as I wanted somewhere nice to go for a drink after (it was a birthday treat after all). After a look on google maps I spotted ‘Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Gin Parlour’. I love a G&T so I reserved a space for my boyfriend Jack and I and we headed there after the show.

Not far from Covent Garden station, when we arrived I realised I’d picked a good spot and this wasn’t just an average bar. Even better it was book themed! As I had reserved a space in the gin parlour rather than the downstairs ‘Saloon’ we were greeted by a gentleman in a top hat and given a telegraph with my name on it and told to head upstairs. It was like walking into a Victorian living room with chaise lounges, heavy curtains and all sorts of trinkets meant to symbolise Phileas Fogg’s travels around the world.

The gin parlour itself is hiding away and holds more varieties of gin than you can imagine! In the main seating area there is a bar with all the staff dressed in fine outfits ready to serve small nibbles and cocktails. Upstairs is a small area and could probably seat no more than about 20 people at a time so it would be best to book! All the staff are in character and it just made for a really lovely experience and a nice change from usual rammed packed bars in London!

Downstairs, it’s like an ordinary bar apart from the decor!Β The ceiling is adorned will all sorts of items again from the classic novel ‘Around the World in 80 days’. I would say that this establishment is well worth a visit. There is also a ‘Mr Fogg’s’ residence in Mayfair which I am planning to visit this year.

Mr Fogg's Tavern Covent Garden
My visit to Mr Fogg’s Tavern in Covent Garden.

If you are into books and beverages you may want to take a visit to some of the other book themed bars I’ve found below:

The Blind Pig

In Soho, London, The Blind Pig has a cocktail menu dedicated to books from Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh.

Scarfes Bar

A bar that is decked out like a library, the Scarfes bar in High Holborn is the perfect place for book lovers to curl up with a book and a drink!

Have you visited any book themed bars recently? Or visited any on this list? As always let me know in the comments!

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  1. This is so cute! If I’m being completely honest my favorite part of this post was the formatting for the pictures. Great Idea! Now, though, you have me searching for book themed bars near me!

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