The blog is back!

Hello all!

I am back after a short break, holiday, university marking and a girls/birthday weekend!

Firstly, apologises for the lack of content recently. My deadline for my university project was on the 27th April and we were told not to make any edits to our blogs after that time until the project had been marked. Now 4 weeks later I have my mark back – which I was very pleased with! Thank for anyone who commented or liked anything, this worked in my favour – and can start blogging again!

I am planning to blog more frequently and more informally now that I know my blog won’t be under the scrutiny of university moderators!

Since I finished university I have been on holiday to Dubrovnik in Croatia and also on a girls weekend away in Somerset, although lovely and relaxing in Dubrovnik I was too busy exploring to read and there was too much to do on the girls weekend to sit down and read!

Since my last post I have only read one book which isn’t ideal! My mum lent me ‘The Chocolate Lovers Club’ by Carole Matthews (hence the main image) a while back and I hadn’t got round to reading it. She recommended it to me as an easy reading book that I would get through quickly and I agree.

It didn’t take me long to read, very easy to pick up and just read a chapter in 5 or 10 minutes which was perfect as I didn’t have time to get stuck into anything but wanted to read! It is also good as there are some sequels, which again when I am trying to fit in a read I will go to these.

My mum is a big Carole Matthews fan and has loads of her books, has anybody read any of them? Let me know in the comments!


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