My climb up Snowdon!

This weekend I managed to make it to the top of the highest mountain in England and Wales!

I can’t quite believe it myself but this weekend myself and 8 friends travelled to Snowdonia National park and climbed to the top of Snowdon via the Pyg track.

It was not what I expected at all and I found it hard work, my friends are all fit so we didn’t take many breaks on the way up and managed to climb to the top in 2 hours and 26 minutes! We were so lucky with the weather, the only bit of cloud we hit was right at the top.

As I said, we went up via the Pyg track, this is noted as being the track with the least ascent, but there was still 800m of it! In places there is a path made from stone but in other parts you have to scramble across rocks and climb up jagged edges to make your way. Luckily, when we visited on Saturday 5th it wasn’t too crowded so we had lots of space to get around and lots of opportunities for photos without hoards of people in them!

Towards the top I found it really hard going and it was strenuous on the legs but I am so glad that I did it! It is probably my top achievement this year after finishing university and something that I am proud to say I have done! Although I won’t be in a rush to do the 3 peaks challenge or climb Snowdon again for the time being!

Our route down took a bit longer, around 3 hours, we followed the Snowdon Rangers path and managed to end up on the opposite side of the mountain to where we started, so there was a long wait for some of the girls to get a taxi back to the car park and then return to collect us! But I am glad we went down a different route as we got completely different scenery on the way down and without the clouds you can see for miles. It is worth climbing it just for the views!

We also visited Zip World at Slate Caverns on the Sunday before traveling home. This time the weather wasn’t so good, we were paired up on the first zip wire due to the wind and the whole time it was raining so by the end we were absolutely soaked! But again this was worth it, I was so scared at the top I really was wanting to not go down so I was really pleased with myself for doing it!

It was such as fun weekend and Wales is such as pretty country! I would recommend anyone to climb Snowdon but I think my views would be different if the weather wasn’t good! Below are some photos from our weekend:


Me at the Summit!
Panoramic view from the top. You can see the train track too.
The start of our climb.
The group at the top!


The group before our soaking at Zip World!


Ready for the Zip Wire

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