I’ve graduated!

Finally, after 4 years I have graduated from the University of Hertfordshire

Seeing as I started this blog as part of a university assignment in my final year, I thought it was only right to blog about my graduation!

I am now a Bachelor of Arts and have a degree in Mass Communications, when I tell people that a lot of them don’t know what it is and rightly so, it’s a bit of a strange one. Really it’s a humanities degree but more focused on Media and Journalism. I took a range of modules including English Language, Media, Journalism and Publishing for the web. It took more 4 years rather than the usual 3 as I was working full time throughout most of my degree, I did the first 2 years working full time and as a full time student. Because of my workload I made the decision to split my final year into two years so I could give myself the best chance of getting a good degree – I had got that far I wasn’t going to give up on it!

Luckily my decision paid off and I am glad I took the extra year, I have graduated with an Upper Second Class (2:1) degree and I couldn’t be more pleased, I knew a First was out of my reach so achieving the next best thing has made me really proud of myself.

I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed my time at university, I started when I was 22 and left my full time job at an accountancy firm to do it, which meant finding lots of part time jobs to work around my studies, eventually finding a full time job with unsociable hours and then finding my current job which is full time but kindly let me have one day a week release to go to university, it hasn’t been easy going! I also missed out on the whole ‘uni experience’ partly because of working and partly because I was commuting so I didn’t get the experience of living in halls and going out every night. I think I went to the Forum (the University of Hertfordshire’s main nightlife venue) about three times in the 4 years I was there!

But I am glad that I did it, I am the first person in my immediate family to go to university and that is something I am proud of. I am glad I decided to go later and do it rather than not go at all and regret it!

Anyway, my graduation was held at St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire on Thursday 7th September, luckily we missed the rain and the weather held out for us! My Mum, Dad and boyfriend Jack came with me to watch, although the ceremony was long and a bit boring if I’m honest, it will be a day that I look back on with fond memories and pride in what I achieved!

Here are some pictures from the day:



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